Top 4 Best Record Players You Muck Check Out

best record player

By the time, the record player gradually creates the confidence for consumers and becomes their favorite product. Nowadays, it appears many modern devices as MP3 players which are quite popular. However, most of people still want to listen to their music on the record player. This product is still manufactured, bought and sold on around the world. Therefore, if you are a DJ or you are beginning to get into vinyl on the first time, you should buy a value record player. The first, it has to be a reliable product and easy to maintain. Thus, we will introduce to you about 4 the best record player which is based on your demand.

Audio – technica AT-LP120 USB

Audio – technica’s AT-LP120 owns a directive drive turntable which allows connecting to other devices (like iPod or computer) by USB or the same objects. This is a usable product when you want to listen to both your old record and digitize it for stopping listening or backups. It has parts with fewer movements but it is able to vibrate and create noise. The AT-LP120 USB is a semi-clone which is used to be popular, Technics SL-1200MK2. In addition, this product has the suitable price-only $250 when you can own a value record player. You easily toggle the turntable in forward or vice versa. Moreover, you can also control slider on the side (+/- 10% -20%). The speed is chosen 33/45/78 RPM. It is noticed that its aluminum disk is nice and the turntable can move without more vibration. The USB’s output easily connects to your computer anywhere that you like.

Rega RP1

Rega RP1 Turntables

It owns modern style and the turntable has attractive design. All is aimed to consumers who care about the shape as well as function. Rega RP1 is designed with a belt-driven turntable for those who enjoy stereophonic sound. People think that the audiophile equipment is usually combined with the Rega RP1 whose price will be pretty expensive. However, it is not true. You are able to buy in stores only $435. There is a quality product because its table is made of phenolic resin which has the high durability. In addition, it owns a low vibration feature. You can adjust speed by your hand with belt-driven motor; especially, this product has the longevity. Therefore, you needn’t to be anxious about replacing parts.

Technics SL – 1200KM2

Technics SL – 1200KM2

This product owns “wheels by steel”. The Technics SL – 1200KM2 (and later, MK3, MK4, and MK5) is designed with the sharp turntable. Since it is released in 1978, DJs, musicians, broadcasting stations or even music lover use it. This record player has low vibration because of the magnetic direct-drive motor. In addition, it controls +/- 8% pitch and chooses modules with the speed 33/45 RPM. Of course, you can remove the dust cover and slip mats. Although SL – 1200s have ceased production about the technology, you can still find in order to purchase with price - $600. With this product, you are able to disassemble so as to maintain or repair.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is designed with a beautiful style. This product owns the accurate belt-driven turntable with a nice disk. Carbon Debut which has a carbon fiber and the low vibration motor change cartridges each other. It is also combined with a great deal of colors. Moreover, it has the dust cover which can remove. The body is made from MDF. Its disk is steel. Although this product owns this durability, its price is quite suitable – only $400 you can own the best record player by yourself.